Re: Re: visit the e journal of human cloning at — jred golon Post Reply Top of the thread Main Forum Why do I have a hard time believing you are truly a clone? Can you tell us why you totally disagree on the subject of human cloning? Should we presume this is because you are … Read more

Re: Discrimination?

Re: Discrimination? — Doopuy Post Reply Top of the thread Main Forum 1) I don’t think people will pick on or discriminate against clones any more than they do bastards, or test-tube babies. If they do pick on them, they have got some other problem that does not involve cloning. People who pick on others are always going to find some reason … Read more

Re: Gay Cloning

Re: Re: Gay Cloning — william Post Reply Top of the thread Main Forum Since I am not gay, I cannot speak entirely for others who are. But I would suspect that just because someone is gay does not mean that they are rabid about wanting everyone else to be gay (presumably so that they can personally … Read more

reference to website

Re: Re: Gay Cloning — Carol Wilson Post Reply Top of the thread Main Forum I just checked and Dr. Rapp’s website is, if anyone is intereted in this. She is the pediatric allergist who had a section in one of her books about “gay gulls.” Also she mentioned in one of her books that blonde-haired, blue-eyed … Read more