Missy, the dog, is going to be cloned

The Associated Press announced 8/25/98 that a wealthy couple donated $2.3 million to Texas A & M University to clone their dog.  Dr. Mark Westhusin, co-director of the Reproductive Sciences Laboratory, is one of the scientists involved in the project.  Lou Hawthorne, president of Bio Arts and Research Corporation (BARC), a San Francisco corporation, helped … Read moreMissy, the dog, is going to be cloned

Contact the Human Cloning Foundation

The Human Cloning Foundation has been incorporated in the State of Georgia and is currently applying for tax exempt status as a nonprofit organization. You may contact the Human Cloning Foundation by e-mail at HCloning@aol.com or you may write to the Human Cloning Foundation at the address below. Please don’t write simply for information.  The HCF is … Read moreContact the Human Cloning Foundation