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Once again, please excuse my spelling. Hopfully, I’ll be able to correct this soon.Hi Guys:On this one I feel I really have to diagree, a little, not for the sake of doing so but, 1: There are no Raelians who come to this board to pick up for themselves, and 2: From what I seem to be cathering so far, there are not too many people who seem to even want to BOTHER to Understand the Raelian Philosophy.They fiew their Movement as more of a Religion, than a Movement, sometimes they term it as a Revolution. I see it more has a Revolutionary Philosphy.I am VERY BIG on ENLIGHTENMENT & HIGHLY {{PROGRESSIVE}} Thinking, and I see that exemplfied in the Raelian Philosophy, overall. What I know of it up to this point.The only time these people will ever become a harm to themselves is if they SHUT THEMSELVES OFF FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD, and LOOSE ALL TOUCH WITH REALITY (that in itself is, Highly Relitive), they are of NO Danger to anyone else.One would have to argue how much of a CULT they REALLY are as, one of their Key Teachings is the Developement of INDIVIDUALISM. They incourage people to DEVELOPE Themselves to the Full, and to think VERY Independently. Now, how does one CONTROLE peoples minds in that sort of atmosphere?Real says he has MET Alaiens. After going over the story several times, I find it highly doubtful but, not totally out of the question. The thing that bothers me is how SIMPLISTIC these Highly Advanced Beings, seem to be. Even a great deal of the “so called” mesage they bring, seems to also be VERY Simplistic, and Somewhat Limited. Strongly indicateing that it has come more out of Rael’s Own Head, than any actual threwth in fact.This is the ONLY Part I question. The rest of the Realian Philosophy could very well be REVOLUTIONARY if, widely adopted, world wide.Please people, try to fight the urge to be Fearful, and Superstitious. {{TRUE}} Enlightenment, and Advanced Progressive Thinking NEVER comes from that perspective. I have learned that lession a thousand times over in my short life.To be honest with you, the Raelian Philosophy could EASILY Indure, and Advance WITHOUT Rael himeslf being involved, should it ever be discovored that he is actually a fraud.We seek to UNIFY Humanity, don’t we? And, in whatever ways possible, seek to Greatly ADVANCE It, and the Rest of the World, in the process. We should EMBRASE {{ANYTHING}} that succeeds in doing that.Raelians are no MORE Freaks, or Fruitcakes than ANYBODY who posses a New, and Noval Philosophy of Life, and the Orgins of Man. Has you said JC, in Christ’s Own Day, Christ Himself was thought of has EXTREMELY Strange but, overall, quite harmless. It was only when rumers started being spread that Christ would OVERTHROW the Roman Authorities that ROME itself, become REMOTELY Interested, or Concerned. Otherwise, they could care less about Christ’s Activities, or Message, for that matter.Most of us have NO IDEA of how WELL CONDITIONED we are from, over two thousand years of Religious Propaganda.And, if you DON’T believe that, just take a closer look at how the Christian Right, usually respond to statements of this nature. Very seldom is there EVER any REASON, or INSIGHT in their statements but, a GREAT DEAL of Religious Conditioning & Programming. They do NOT, by an large, speak their OWN Minds bout the CONDITIONING, the PROGRAMMING they are THOUGHT, and BRAINWASHED to say, out of Religious FEAR. And I should know, I went through it for about 15 years of my life, and STILL, struggle with it today.But, at the very same time, the Conditioning can go the OTHER way, too. FEAR & CONDEMN {{ANYTHING}} you don’t fully understand as being NUTTY, and possibily Dangerious. It is still, two side of the Very SAME Programming, and Conditioning.I am a Spiritual Man, trying to be a Global Visionary, and Adherent to the Writings of the Urantia Book, and right now, Very Open to the Raelian Philosphy. Should Rael himself prove to be a Fraud, I will STILL be open to the Higher Aspects of the Raelian Philosphy, over all, regardless. Because, it is not all that far removed from my own. And for that, I neither consider myself a Nut or Freak, nor do I have anything to feel sorry for, or appoligize for.They approach Science in a New and Noval Way, and for that, the World may one day, THANK THEM. Much Love & Respect, John. 

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