About the Human Cloning Foundation

The Human Cloning Foundation started with five board members – a lawyer, a bioethicist, an Internet expert, an activist, and a physician. It now has two board members who choose not to be public with their names. It’s a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Georgia. 

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Students who want to reference pages from the Human Cloning Foundation can use a format such as:Human Cloning Foundation. “The Benefits of Human Cloning.” 10/15/1998. Available at http://www.humancloning.org/benefits.php.

Our pages do not have to be referenced exactly this way. Please use whatever style or format that you are being taught in school. The important point is that the author, except when otherwise indicated, should be the Human Cloning Foundation instead of an individual. If your teacher is not sure that the Human Cloning Foundation is a legitimate source of information please print out the certificate of incorporation to show them.

The HCF is currently doing all its information distribution over the Internet. Students please post your questions on the HCF message board.

The mission of our foundation is to educate the public about the miraculous benefits of human cloning technology.

The non-profit Human Cloning Foundation started the Web site (www.HumanCloning.org) in February 1998.  On the 23rd of November of that year, the Foundation was incorporated in the state of Georgia.  The HCF received its IRS letter of determination as a non-profit on December 14th 1999.  Today (in 2001) the HCF’s website is the largest, busiest, most interactive pro-cloning site on the internet.  To date, over half a million people have visited the web site’s home page, and over 1500 people have registered with the Foundation.

The non-profit Human Cloning Foundation(HCF) exists to promote human cloning and other forms of biotechnology. Cloning technology can be used to cure diseases and prolong life. The HCF believes that blood can be cloned, organs can be cloned, and that infertility can be cured with the use of this new technology. It is hoped that cloning will help unlock the secrets of cancer and lead to its cure. Cloning should lead to remarkable advances in cosmetic and plastic surgery, as well as anti-aging therapies and other forms of rejuvenation. Cloning has revolutionized biology and medicine.

Any donations to the Human Cloning Foundation are currently focused on funding research into reproductive human cloning for therapeutic purposes. To allow infertile couples to conceive a genetically related child. The HCF is a completely volunteer non-profit organization. 

The Human Cloning Foundation’s programs include its Web site with message boards and chat rooms. The HCF publishes essays in support of human cloning and its technology, and provides resources for students writing such essays. The HCF runs an Internet mailing list for researchers, scientists, and physicians who wish to discuss human cloning. The HCF plans to sponsor a yearly international conference on human cloning technology. A variety of educational programs about human cloning and other forms of biotechnology are constantly in progress.

Additional Comments
The Human Cloning Foundation has an ever-growing list of volunteers. Many of the people who register with the Foundation are suffering from medical disorders that cloning technology may help to cure. For example, many of our registrants are in kidney failure and need kidneys. Many suffer from leukemia and need bone marrow and blood. Others need body parts because of amputations, tragedies, or for cosmetic reasons. We believe that someday we will be able to clone body parts or organs in the laboratory. Infertile couples are common, many of who are turning to this new technology since all other methods of having children have failed for them. The amount of good that can be done with cloning technology is staggering.

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