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The Human Cloning Foundation has five board members – a lawyer, a bioethicist, an Internet expert, an activist, and a physician.  It’s a nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of Georgia.  Most of the board members choose not to be public with their names.

Click here to see our certificate of incorporation.

Students who want to reference pages from the Human Cloning Foundation can use a format such as: 
 Human Cloning Foundation. “The Benefits of Human Cloning,” 10/15/1998. Available at http://www.humancloning.org/benefits.htm.Our pages do not have to be referenced exactly this way.  Please use whatever style or format that you are being taught in school.  The important point is that the author, except when otherwise indicated, should be the Human Cloning Foundation instead of an individual.  If your teacher is not sure that the Human Cloning Foundation is a legitimate source of information please print out the certificate of incorporation to show them.

Please don’t write us simply for information.  The HCF is currently doing all its information distribution over the Internet.  Please do write if you can in some way contribute something that supports human cloning and its technology. 

Human Cloning Foundation 
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Facsimile: (770) 396-3011

The benefits of human cloning

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Essays supporting human cloning written by the HCF

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The United Nations is trying to ban human cloning

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