Re: Cloning

Re: Cloning — Shawn S Post Reply Top of the thread Main Forum I’m not disagreeing with you, but would like to add that as far as helping our ecosystem preserve its endangered species, I don’t think we should become TOO dependent on cloning to save them. This is because in keeping the balance of the ecosystem, … Read more

Re: hello get lives

Re: hello get lives — Elese Middleton Post Reply Top of the thread Main Forum Are you sure that ALL science is un-“cool?” Actually we are trying to “get lives” — in particular, cloned lives. Thanks for the encouragement though, and for cheering us on, to “get lives.” Meanwhile, best wishes at finding something “cool” to pursue. … Read more

Re: When life begins/a metaphysical perspective?

Re: Re: When life begins/a metaphysical perspective? — Carol Wilson Post Reply Top of the thread Main Forum For those who are not “in the know” about the term “metaphysical” (whether because of youth or lack of experience in life, or whatever reasons) a few explanations are perhaps due: Although the term metaphysical is very scientific-sounding, to … Read more

Re: cloning

Re: cloning — Hang Van Post Reply Top of the thread Main Forum every time humans conceive a baby, they are using human decision to begin a human. they have taken the decision out of the hands of spiritual beings, and used human action. So we do , all the time, what your last few lines caution … Read more