gay couples

Post Reply Forum I’ve seen this article from this webpage: Gay couples – From one of our readers: “gay couples go through so much…not to mention all the controversy…when they decide that they are ready for a baby. People question their right to bring a child that technically isnt related to them into a lifestyle that … Read moregay couples

Does anyone have ideas for storing tissue for human cloning?

Post Reply Forum From our e-mail: Does anyone have ideas on inexpensive preservation techniques (such as mummification, or some variation of that technique) for those who prefer to have delayed cloning many years after their “deaths”? How best to get the deed done, say 200 years from now? The idea of cryogenics and paying large … Read moreDoes anyone have ideas for storing tissue for human cloning?


Post Reply Forum I am writing to you to offer our support in your valiant efforts to perfect human reproductive cloning. We are constantly besieged at our Human Cloning Foundation website with infertile couples seeking reproductive assistance through cloning technology. We have engaged those opposed to human cloning and are veterans in dealing with the issues raised. … Read moreHUMAN CLONING FOUNDATION SUPPORTS CLONING EFFORT

Re: Infertility Doctors to Begin Cloning

Re: Infertility Doctors to Begin Cloning — HCFadmin Post Reply Top of Thread Forum At last, an international group of reproductive experts have publicly announced their intentions to reproductively clone humans. Their noble objective is to provide children to infertile couples who can’t reproduce via IVF. Why did this take so long? I have always contended that … Read moreRe: Infertility Doctors to Begin Cloning

Infertility Doctors to Begin Cloning

Post Reply Forum According to Reuter’s news service Jan 26, 2001, Dr. Panayiotis Zavos of The Andrology Institute of America and the Kentucky Center for Reproductive Medicine and Invitro Fertilization (Lexington, Kentucky) is set to begin cloning human beings. It is reported that he will collaborate with the Italian infertility physician Severino Antinori. Their aim is to help … Read moreInfertility Doctors to Begin Cloning