Re: Cancer and Chemotherapy

Re: Cancer and Chemotherapy — HCFadmin Post Reply Top of Thread Forum I do not know if this refers to a factual account or not, but you might want to look at a webpage called: Your Humble Servant R. Moorgate Related link: New Perspectives In Reproductive Technology Author Profile | Post Reply | Recommend | Alert Original Message Top of Thread Return to this forum’s home … Read moreRe: Cancer and Chemotherapy

Liberty, Identity, and Human Cloning

More notes and references:   .  See HEYD, supra note 127, at 160-62, 168-77 (characterizing the formation of identity as a dynamic process crucially tied to both biological and social factors).      .  JONAS, supra note 77, at 161 (emphasis added).      .  Id.      .  Id. at 162 (emphasis in original).  Note that Joel Feinberg uses the … Read moreLiberty, Identity, and Human Cloning

Arnold Swartznegger’s Desire to be Cloned

So Hollywood has ground out another “exciting” movie with cloning as a plot but really using various myths about cloning as its platform. The only “good” news might be Arnold Swartznegger’s comment that he would like to be cloned. Well, that is his right, of course. “Perhaps, we could insert some ‘human-loving’ genes into him and delete some … Read moreArnold Swartznegger’s Desire to be Cloned

Greetings from the President of the Human Cloning Foundation

Below, we provide a message from the President of the Human Cloning Foundation as a .wav file.  The message is only 36 seconds long and only 790k in size.  If the message is choppy, simply play it a second time and it should come through clearly.  Windows Media Player and other types of software should … Read moreGreetings from the President of the Human Cloning Foundation