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Re: cloning — Dan Post Reply Top of Thread Forum This is a semantic game that anti-cloning people play. They call cloning to create children for infetile people “reproductive cloning” and cloning of cells to create tissues and organs and for other research purposes “therapeutic cloning.” The problem with the terminology is that infertility is a disease, … Read moreRe: cloning


Post Reply Forum I need to know the difference between reproductive cloning and theraputic cloning for a paper. I have looked everywhere but can’t find it. Post Reply | Recommend | Alert View All Return to this forum’s home page! Replies to this message Re: cloning — Mark ( Wed, Jul 26, 2000, 08:43:06 ) ( 548 bytes ) +1 Re: cloning — Randolfe Wicker ( Wed, Jul 26, 2000, 21:43:22 ) ( 1934 bytes )